Why Property Result Investments Began?

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Our Story

Property Result Investments was born out of the utter frustrations of myself (Richard Mews) and Dwayne Squires. We saw too many cases of companies taking advantage of their clients who gave them their trust and capital, only for it to be abused and poorly invested.

Investing in residential properties is closer to starting a business than making a simple investment to add to your portfolio. There are a lot of scary steps along the way that lead many investors to take poor investment decisions. Throughout my 31 year career in property, I saw way too many investors being misled by sourcing and property development companies, completely unbeknown to them. Even now I still see it happening.

The purpose of Property Result Investments is to solve all of these problems and give you what you actually want. A high return, secure property investment. It’s that simple.



We do not source our properties from anywhere else than the North East. If you are looking elsewhere, we can can certaintly help point you in the right direction. Due to our specialization in one area we have sourced over £6m worth of property in only 24 months! We are excited and delighted to have such a passionate community of investors that return again and again due to their respect and trust in what we do. This is a true testament to our philosophy: putting our investors first.

We back up our philosophy with the satisfaction guarantees that we provide with every service offered. We do hope you’ll love our services and continue to value and trust us to help build your investment portfolio.


Richard Mews,
Director and Chief Property Consultant

Who is Richard Mews?

Richard first invested in a property at the young age of 20, now having over 31 years of property experience. He has now sold more than £6m worth of property in only 24 months with Property Result Investments and was the Lead Valuer and Manager for a property consortium that bought over 300 properties.

Richard is also a key member of the Wear Valley Council Planning Committee, previously being the Chariman of a regeneration committee who approved the major eco-village for the former Blue Circle site in Weardale. He has been involved with the committee in over 1,500 planning applications as well as being involved in the planning decisions made on major housing developments for home builders such as Bett Homes, Perssimon, Barrat, Dunelm Housing and Taylor Wimpey.

Our Clients

We appreciate the need for the modern-day investor to have a diverse range of investments, especially given the recent challenging economic conditions as well as pensions and hedge funds promising limited returns.

Therefore, whether you are looking to purchase your first, or your twenty-first property, if you are a beginner or a seasoned expert, we can help you to build a strong, robust portfolio.

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