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How to Maximise Property Occupancies and Minimise Vacancy Times

Keeping your property occupied is key to avoiding financial losses.

Let’s explore two simple strategies to make sure your property stays in good shape and doesn’t stay vacant for long.

Take care of your property

To prevent long vacancy periods, take care of your property actively. Don’t wait for tenants to move out to fix things. Instead, schedule regular maintenance and make small improvements a few weeks before tenants leave.

a. Fix problems before they become big issues. Check the property regularly and address concerns promptly to keep everything in good condition.

b. Keep an eye on the property while tenants are living there. Be responsive to their needs, and this will increase the chances of them renewing their lease.

Show off your property early

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Don’t wait until your property is vacant to begin searching for new tenants. Open it for viewing in advance to attract potential renters.

If your property has been rented for a while, consider making some improvements like a fresh coat of paint. Present these changes online to make the property more appealing. Share sample pictures online to give potential tenants an idea of what the property will look like after improvements. This helps them visualize the upgraded space and makes your property stand out. Building trust with potential tenants is crucial. Show them that you can deliver a quality living space.

To keep your property from staying empty for too long, be proactive in taking care of it and start showcasing it before it’s vacant. By doing so, you not only preserve your property but also ensure a steady income.

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