Sophisticated High Return Investments

We are an ambitious and expansive company. Right now we are growing our services, and it’s never been a better time to work with us.

Beyond foundational property investment, we also offer services in higher investment, higher capital, higher yielding markets for only our closest clients.

  1. Fixed Rate Returns: Our simplest sophisticated investments start here. With as little as £50,000 invested, you can get a guaranteed  8-12% NET return per annum on the investments that you make with us.
  2. High Return Partnership: For those who want to stretch their investments, we also offer a Joint Venture Partnership. We have hand select of investments that we provide return far greater than the Fixed Rate Return. You must however have a minimum of £100,000 to invest.

Please note: these deals are not for everyone. Higher capital means higher risk, and as such we offer these opportunities only to our closest and most trusted clients. When we work with these deals, it is with a community of customers whose investment needs we are attuned to, whose requirements are ones we appreciate intimately, forming the basis of a successful historical relationship of maximum returns on several projects.

If you are interested in this opportunity fill form below and we will invite you and arrange for a meeting with one of our Directors to discuss in further detail.

Accredited Investor Application Form

We present accredited investors with an opportunity to review quality deal flow that matches their criteria. Access to our opportunities is free for your use, however, you must be a direct, accredited or sophisticated investor. This section is not open to broker dealers/finders/middle-men. All applications are reviewed by hand. If you are interested in investment opportunities with us, please complete and submit the registration form below.
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