5 ways to buy below market value properties: Simple tips for investors

How To Buy Below Market Value Properties

5 Smart Ways to Buy Below Market Value Properties

In this blog, we’re breaking down five simple ways for you to purchase below-market-value deals.

Tip 1: Starting with the basics, using cash provides certainty and speed in your property transactions. It’s perfect for deals that require quick completion, as you can skip the mortgage process. Cash deals often come with fantastic discounts, ranging from 20% up to 40%.

Tip 2: If you’re not rolling in cash, a mortgage is a viable option. Consider consulting with an independent mortgage advisor. These advisors can tailor a deal to your financial circumstances. Whether you’re holding the property for a short period or long term, a solid mortgage deal can make all the difference.

Tip 3: Even with a cash deal, you can explore low-rate finance for lower-value properties. While interest rates may be higher, it’s a way to leverage your funds. If you have, say, £30,000 to invest, consider buying two lower-value properties instead of one.

property market value in the North East of England

Tip 4: Planning to buy, refurbish, and sell (flipping) could be your go-to option. It allows you to finance the purchase and refurbishment, and you can repay it when you sell the property. This strategy can be especially effective for quick turnovers and maximizing profits.

Tip 5: For a low-cost entry into property investing, consider option contracts or lease options. This approach gives you the right to buy a property at a fixed price within a specific period, usually between five and ten years. It’s a smart way to start your investment journey, offering immediate cash flow.

When purchasing below-market-value properties, consider your options, cash for speed, mortgages for flexibility, low-value finance for leveraging, bridging for flipping, and option contracts for a low-cost entry.

Tailor your approach based on the property’s needs and your investment plans. These simple tips can guide you in making informed decisions in your property investment journey.

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