Key Risks

Our philosophy is to always put you first and welcome you into our diverse investor community. We promise to always be transparent and to communicate throughout the whole process. However, as with nearly all things in life investing comes with its own set of risks. Property Result Investments cannot eliminate these risks, but we can help to minimize them for you. We encourage you to try and diversify your property investments within multiple properties to help minimize any sort of risk.

The 4 main risks that come with property investments that you should keep in mind are:

  1. The value of your investment may decrease:
    As with all investments, the value may decline (or increase) with the current market. Keep in mind that the past value history of a property is not always the best indicator or guide to its future performance. A decrease in value can be caused by many different things, and even a combination of reasons.


  1. Variable Income: 
    We spend a large amount of time researching each property and doing due diligence on income for each of our clients. However, we cannot guarantee that the rental amount will not change over time. Because of the changes in market conditions, your gross income may be lower (or higher) than originally planned, in the short term. However, over the long-term, demand and supply pressures have historically driven rental income higher.


  1. Liquidity:
    Even though you can advertise your investment property for sale, there may not be anyone interested in actually purchasing your investment at the price you have deemed appropriate. In this case, you may have to lower your price or wait several months to sell. However, we seek to provide liquidity and ease of sale through our vast community of investors.


  1. Unexpected Exit/Disposal:
    In the case of unforeseen or emergency situations (such as a flood, fire or exit of residents), there is the likelihood that you may not receive back as much as you had invested into the property. The timing of this situation may be unfortunate and inconvenient, and can result in the manifestation of your taxable income sooner than planned for.
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