Buying A Property In North East – 5 Tips For Investors

Looking for a house in North East? Here are valuable tips for investors that can save you time and money in your next property purchase.  Buying an investment property continues to be one of the favourite ways to invest. It is a big financial decision. Experienced investors have a set of tools and an investment … Continued

Exclusive Property Investments Coming Up In York City

Just last week, I sat in my car outside of a lovely four bedroom cottage in Air Cliff. This week, I’ve had discussions with its owner who lives in America. Knowing that it is quite difficult to sell residential properties costing over £200,000 in village locations unless the price is really low, I’ve recommended doing … Continued

2 Pair of Sunderland Flats Generating 9.5% Yield

Hi there. It’s Richard Mews here from Property Result Investments and I’m writing again for our weekly catch up. I’m currently at Browney Lane, the Lodge, where we’re starting our first serviced accommodation. I’m excited to announce that we are near to taking the next step for the property. The property will soon be open … Continued

Stamp Duty Impact on North East Property

Hey, it’s Richard Mews here from Property Result Investments for another weekly update. Let’s talk about our new serviced accommodation in Browney. We are doing some finishing touches and paint works which are just about done. All the heating system that has been done, that’s open and running a big tank we’ve got in now. … Continued

UNUSUAL Commercial And Residential Property

Hi there! It’s Richard Mews here from Property Result Investments and I’m here for my weekly update. I had a very, very busy week which means I just had a good week. I did a survey on Monday which went pretty well. And then I had to go visit another property on Tuesday. The one … Continued

Is This Our Next Property Deal?

One Saturday morning, I visited a nice four bedroom detached house in Darlington. The owner moved to America and asked me to look at his property. He tried to sell it a few times with agents but had no success. It’s in a beautiful village location, overlooking the village green. Given its ideal location, I … Continued

Have We Timed Our First SA Property Right

For this week’s Property Result Investments update, I’ll share about the serviced accommodation we are refurbishing in Browney. The refurbishing of the serviced accommodation is coming along great. Nearly all the painting is done and we’re just finishing off the top floor, then it’s complete. Hopefully, the carpets will be installed later this week. And … Continued
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